TEDx Dupree Park 2021

TEDx Dupree Park 2021 is a daylong get-together of awesome people, brilliant speakers, and mind-blowing conversations. This day-long festival of inspiring ideas and conversations is being held in-person on November 5 live in downtown Woodstock, Georgia USA at The Woodstock Arts Center.

For sponsorship opportunities, email Gina Carr at gina@tedxdupreepark.com.

This Year’s Theme – Seeding Greatness

“Great societies flourish when elders plant trees they know they will never sit under.” Athenian Quote

The TEDx Dupree Park Team believes that one by one people are becoming re-inspired and awakening again to the seeds of greatness within them, and universal humanity. We are remembering our story of oneness with all; humanity, animals, nature, and this communal blue dot we all call home. Soon we will grow stronger, blossom, and become closer together as a community, humanity, and world.

As Zac Brown says in his new song Same Boat, “We’re all tryna fix the same broke hearts, wishing on the same bright stars, hoping hope floats, wondering where the same time goes. We’re all in the same boat.

Meet The Team

Steven Monahan

Licensee, Organizer

Gina Carr

Chief Executive Officer

Darryll Stinson

Speaker Coach and Operations

Brittany Stinson


Trushar Mody

Speaker Manager

LaRhonda McClain

Event Organizer

Robert Stack

Media Advisor

Mike Sena